everything is derivative and nothing is new? not the case now. what they mean is everything is derivative so nothing is new but that is not true. yes we derive. we derive from what has come before. we derive from the feelings in our minds. we derive from the thoughts in our minds. we derive from the ideas in our minds. our minds. our minds we made by absorbing and observing the world our minds were dropped into. that is the only source we have. this is the only source we have. everything is derivative. affirmed.


but we add something that is ours our creativity. we derive creatively. we derive in a way that is our own. we derive and we add. add ourselves and our ideas and our thoughts and our perspective. a perspective that is new a perspective that is only possible now that we are deriving from all of this stuff that has now happened. stuff that wasn’t there to be derived from ten years ago. and we will do with it what we want because it is ours it belongs to us. your offspring belongs to us. and we will mess it and ruin it and remake it as our own and you will have no control.


it is all ours now and it will pass through our minds and we shall be the vessels for derivation. and there will be anger and there will be pouting and puking and out rage and the spasms of a body loosing control over its object. but it will loose control. and will either become a fond old face or it will slide coldly off this mortal coil leaving nothing but bitter entrails scraped into the earth beneath it. we will have not more painted pictures. we will have no more replica art.


is there any worth in what comes before? we see it all and feel it all but do we need it? well we need to get away from it we believe. so we need to know it then. you can get away from a body but you can’t get away from a shadow, you can’t get away from a ghost. you need to know it and see it, then you can reject what is known, reject what is seen.


old rotting fruit sitting on withered vines. old cold thoughts rotting in our minds. we don’t care for this any more its been too long it gone too wrong to listen to these rules any more. sometimes your mind and your body make decisions before you do, they know before you do. your ears simply stop listening before you even realise that what’s being said is not worth listening too. your ears realise that they haven’t pricked or bristled at the dripping of the old words in too long. and they simply close up.


they close up. but it is our mistake if we take there being nothing worth listening too to mean there’s no point in having ears. just because there’s nothing worth looking at does not mean there’s no need for eyes. you just have to make the world worth seeing, make the world worth hearing, make the world worth loving and lusting after. when was the world last worthy of lust? has it ever been?


can we make it worthy of lust? can we make it worthy of love? can we make it worthy of blood, sweat and of tears? can we do anything for this grey drab multi-coloured tapestry? we can. we can. we can.

under hereditary collapse. we continue.