Passing Through The Gates Of Modernity At Liverpool Airport

the idea of travel as liberation surely has drawn its last sweaty breath. the idea that there is something self improving and life affirming and educational and great about travel. You’re meant to get away from the alienated environment you are trapped in and find somewhere or something ‘real’. now to travel you have to go even further into the belly of the beast of unreality that is the modern industrial world that even your normal life might take you. you have to pass through the iron gates and the great empty spaces of modernity. the eternal polished floors and the blank faces of the airports.

“Little Charlie” of the Dixie Rangers of the Ku Klux Klan displays her custom made wedding veil, as her fiancée watches on.
“Little Charlie” of the Dixie Rangers of the Ku Klux Klan displays her custom made wedding veil, as her fiancée watches on. For no reason.

i passed through this world last week. booked flights. booked parking at Liverpool John Lennon Airport. parked up and went through the motions that are so familiar to so many of us. worked my way through the mundaneness of it all. made it onto the damn flight. then we take of. i try my hardest to grasp just how wondrous the experience of flying is, trying to look at the window and marvel at everything out there, but the environment of the whole thing, from the airport to the plane every step of the way, is just so boring, mundane and alienated that by the time i get there my ability to feel wonder has been mauled.


dead, gone, over and finished. i try to muster some wonder at the clearly wondrous sight of the sun over the clouds. but i can’t.



we don’t believe in take no prisoners we only take prisoners. everyone we come into contact with is a prisoner. we take them in and we eat them up, we put them in chains and take control of everything they sense. that is our work. you are a prisoner we are all prisoners. and that is a reality. can you accept reality? can you breath easy.


there is no one reality. there is no one truth. there are only prisons of thought. we will force you into ours then release you back into your own. that is the process. that is the point. that is the why, the where, the how and the who of all of this crap. prisoners. we are all prisoners, we need a prisoners rights movement.


we are all prisoners. that is our predicament. we sit and we burrow deeper into our prisons. because where else can we go?